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Newborns are the Sweetest

When I first started photographing newborns it was a whole new experience. Someone once said that if you didn't get peed or pooped on once a session you were incredibly lucky. Well sure enough my first newborn completely covered both me, mom, and dad. Since then it is expected and I am always prepared with a change of clothes. Here is one of my latest newborns. He was such an adorable little doll and was so incredibly easy to pose. I always strive to get as many wrinkles and folds as I can when we photography newborns and his were already built in. You can always tell just how loved a newborn in when mom and dad very gingerly hand them over to me for pictures (even if they are their first, second, third, fourth...). Here are some of my favorite shots from this very adorable little man's session. Welcome Cailean, 8 days new.

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