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The Cake Smash

I have had the pleasure of shooting a very particular milestone for a few little ones. The Cake Smash.

So what is a cake smash? It's a fabulous way to celebrate that first birthday milestone. Give a "little" the space, a cake, and let them go to town! Oh my gosh...SUGAR! The ensuing adventure is photographed and immortalized in images forever (and especially great for future weddings..hahaha...). I have had everything from full on face-first-cake-to-my-eyeballs smash...

to absolute meltdown because "mommy my hands are dirty and you're leaving me this way?!"

I love the "smashing" of a parent's expectations as to what their little one will do. I always warn parents, "They might cry, they might dig right in. Whatever they do is okay, because they are cute regardless and it makes for great pictures.

What ever the reaction, these are some of my favorite sessions to photograph because One is such a great age and they are only this little for so long (yes...cliche I know but so true). I still consider a one-year old a baby yet they are slowly but surely growing up. I also look to the parents and think, "Congratulations!" You made it! So many more memories and milestones to come.

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